We gear you to become better

B Plus Management Consultancy has managed contracts in diverse industries worth multi-billion pounds globally on the client’s side. With this, we have the advantage of understanding the client’s requirements, needs, and expectations from suppliers. We take into consideration the proper understanding of the various client’s intents and help you prepare strategically ahead of time.

Over 20 years Experience

B Plus Management Consultancy’s team has over 20 years’ experience in contract management and delivery services on the client’s side, and we understand challenges faced by suppliers, and we are here to offer assistance that will aid your success. We help you understand the next stage of securing a contract upon winning it. We assist in knowing what the client’s requirements are and the interpretation of contracts in ways that enable successful delivery.

Additionally, we equip our clients with skills for building productive relationships and connections that will help them retain the contract. B Plus Management Consultancy’s work is value addition, and we work with you to succeed and achieve above and beyond.

Founder and Managing Director

Sabrina Kelly

What We Do

B Plus Management Consultancy is a consulting company that works with suppliers and service providers in adding value to contract delivery. We are highly experienced and qualified with immense dedication and specialization to collaboratively work to support suppliers in the delivery and drive to excellence throughout the lifecycle of the contract delivery.

We specialise in working with suppliers from diverse backgrounds to manage, grow, and sustain existing and new contracts. With gathered experience in years of working with diverse businesses, we can also offer assistance in situations when contracts reach a challenging point, and business relationships are torn; we can help with rebuilding such broken relationships.

We gear you to become better, and have created a unique Supplier Contract Toolkit, which will help with the management of different aspects of contract delivery, which include:

Relationship Management

We help you build and sustain good and productive business relationships, enabling you to influence and communicate effectively while being able to deliver contracts with confidence.

Governance Framework

We help Leaders, Executives and CEOs understand, define and implement strategic governance frameworks, that enable businesses to manage and control objectives accordingly.


Performance Management

We are here to assist in managing, sustaining and promoting good performance throughout the contract delivery lifecycle.



Conflict Resolution

Be a master of your craft and know how to sustain a relationship in a healthy manner, whilst applying openness, transparency and trust through training, workshops and mediation.

Achieving ‘above and beyond’

Ensuring greater performance is our main goal, and we want to inspire and create you to become innovative to think far and wide (outside the box) to perform ‘above and beyond’.