Perfect Consultation for Businesses

B Plus Management are your ‘Trusted Partner’ working with both Supplier and Client, so businesses can deliver contracts with confidence and ease. B Plus will equip your business with the necessary support and guidance to help you be the best Diverse Supplier. With over 20 years experience of working client side in contract and performance management, we add value to both Supplier and Client with outstanding expertise knowledge and experience.

Services we offer businesses include:

 B Plus Management are your ‘Trusted Partner’ working with both Supplier and Client, enabling businesses to deliver contracts with confidence and ease. B Plus will equip and unlock your business potential, whilst creating valuable and substantial connections with the client, and being focused to better understand the client’s need to deliver and manage contracts, sustain business relationships with key stakeholders more strategically. The benefits for the client is expertise you can trust, to provide your diverse supplier with the necessary support and guidance to help them to be the best diverse supplier.


Executives and CEOs Coaching

B Plus Management Consultancy organises coaching sessions for business leaders to proactively handle tasks with skills. We focus on helping high-ranking officials exhibit better insights on how to lead and embed diversity and inclusion within the organization to get suitable results. Our team of experienced professionals will educate them on how to prioritize goals, become an efficient and effective team player, and many more. We help leaders understand the essence of accountability and its crucial impact on the performance of the organization.


Bespoke Training and Workshops organization

Training with B Plus Management Consultancy is tailored and designed to focus on specified organizational subjects and skills. We encourage the organization of high-class virtual and in-person workshops and seminars that ensure overall business improvement. Training organized is interactive and designed to promote engagement, and it is channeled towards boosting employee’s talent.



Mentoring Programmes

Employees are the heart of all organizations, and ensuring they are well-equipped professionally and mentally is an organizational responsibility. We help with organizing mentoring programmes that will aid the growth and development of employees personally with a positive impact on the organization. Programmes organized are designed to meet the needs of young and aspiring professionals in reaching their goals and also enhance the development of positive connections that will impact growth within the organization. Let’s help you equip your employees with highly beneficial skills.


Conference Hosting and Workshop Facilitation

The essence of hosting, organizing workshops and seminars, and mentoring as a business is to achieve a goal, and we can help facilitate its achievement. We provide organizations with hosting and facilitation to help with aiming towards a collaborative goal. Group facilitation will aid the pursuit of a goal and instilling specific skills and talents in employees using diverse methods that are easy to understand.